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Consumer Goods

are tested according to 2 (6) of the Food, Consumer Goods and Fodder Code (LFGB):

  • Materials and objects in contact with food (food consumer goods)
  • Containers for cosmetics
  • Objects for mucous membrane contact
  • Objects for personal hygiene
  • Toys and joke articles

It is fundamentally true of all consumer goods, that they must not represent any risk to human health, when used properly due to their material properties.
Furthermore, from consumer goods in contact with food, such as, for example, crockery, cutlery, serviettes, packaging films, cans, there must not be any transfer of substances in relevant quantities to the food, which

  • Represent a risk to human health
  • Adversely change the composition of the food
  • Change the food in a way that can be sensed

Parameters relevant to the investigation are, for example

  • Totality of substances which can be transferred to the food (“global migration”)
  • Toxic or hormonally active organic compounds (plasticisers)
  • Heavy metals

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