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Consultation and Compilation of Expert's Reports on Food Legislation

Health claims legislation, foodstuff information legislation, food hygiene legislation – those are only some of the key words in the maze of food regulations that is becoming more and more complex and increasingly untransparent.

Here, increasing European regulations or directives are replacing national legislation or overlaying still existing regulations.

This often concerns the lowest common denominator running circles around preservation of national interests of each individual member state in the course of providing the relevant law on a community level.

Frequently, complex horizontal regulations with product-related vertical law are interwoven in an incomprehensible way and penetrate the entirety of interests of a food company with comprehensive regulations on production, over the precise operational processes up to the most stringent requirements with regard to labelling of each product.

With our decades of experience in this area, not only can we allow you to interpret the analytical results obtained, but will help you to evaluate these and assess them in terms of food legislation.

We will review for you the existing declarations of your products according to the currently applicable legal principles and advise you on the development of a new packaging design from the first draft up to print-readiness.

Investigations and assessments by us relate to the principles of the expert, neutrality and confidentiality.

Due to our state permit, our expert's reports are recognised by the official monitoring authorities.