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In the commercial manufacture, sale and storage of foodstuffs, a series of legal requirements must be followed in order to be able to guarantee the quality, and in particular, the safety of foodstuffs.

Good site hygiene is of paramount significance. Due to improper handling of foodstuffs, hundreds of thousands of people in Germany alone contract food-related illnesses every year.
Particularly problematic are the effects in the communal care of sensitive groups such as children in lunch clubs, the elderly in nursing homes or immunodeficient people in hospitals.
It is fundamentally essential in large kitchens of all kinds, to take hygiene precautions to ensure a high degree of safety for the food used and thus to the consumer.

We would be happy to support you with our many years of experience and skills in:

  • Advising on hygiene-related questions
  • Checking premises and workflows by site inspections
  • Reviewing the success of cleaning and disinfection
    by means of surface organic indicators
  • Microbiological investigations for pre-prepared meals
  • Well-grounded training of colleagues on site about hygiene, microbiological principles, food in general