Consumer Goods


Pharmaceutical Products

Works Hygiene

Consultation and Compilation of Expert's Reports

Environmental Analysis




Ingredients Dry solids, raw protein, fats (fatty acid spectrum (identification), milk fat), carbohydrates (sugars), vitamins, minerals, trace elements
Special Ingredients Caffeine, theobromine, cholesterol, 16-O-methylcafestol, coumarin
Microbiology Indicator organisms, spoilage agents, pathogenic organisms (S2 laboratory)
Storage / Stability Tests
Nutritional Value Analyses  Chemical investigation – Review and compilation of nutritional value tables according to the specifications of the food information regulation (BIG 7/8)
Additives Colourings (also Sudan dyes), preservatives, sweeteners
Contaminants Mycotoxins (aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, patulin, fusarientoxins (DON, ZEA, T-2 / HT-2 toxin, fumonisins)
Heavy metals, nitrate, EPA-PAHs, acrylamide, 3-MCPD
Pesticides (screening and individual parameters (e.g. ethephon, glyphosate)
Allergens (gluten, nuts, soya, mustard, etc.)
Special investigations (NMR/XRF/IR analyses, e.g. glass analysis)
Plasticisers (ESBO, phthalates)
Drinking Water Sampling (certified staff)
Investigation (accredited partner laboratory)

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